Only 100m from Checkpoint Charlie!

Map view - Where is Deutsches Currywurst Museum Berlin located?

Deutsches Currywurst Museum Berlin, Schützenstraße 70, 10117 Berlin, Germany

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Travelling by public transport

U-Bahn:U6 (Kochstraße o. Stadtmitte)
U2 (Stadtmitte)
Bus:M29 (U Kochstr./Checkpoint Charlie)
M48 (U Stadtmitte/Leipziger Str.)
147 (U Stadtmitte/Leipziger Str.)
S-Bahn:S3, S5, S7, S75 (Friedrichstraße)

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Located centrally in Berlin, close to Check­point Charlie, Deutsches Currywurst Museum Berlin presents the legendary snack creation and its own settings: from the invention of the Currywurst in the late 1940s to the stories and its role in film, TV and music and its worldwide distribution. Since basically everything in the museum is interactively designed, […]