Rules for visitors

We welcome you at Deutsches Currywurst Museum Berlin and wish you a pleasant stay.
Therefor we like to inform you about the obligatory rules for visitors.

General rules for visitors

The visitor agrees to observe the rules for visitors (displayed prominently in the foyer) upon entry to the museum building. In the event of failure to observe the rules or to follow the instructions of museum staff or in the event of behaviour endangering the safety of the museum or its visitors the museum reserves the right to ask the guest(s) in question to leave the museum and to refuse re-entry. Museum staff are authorised by the museum management to enforce house rules and to issue instructions as required.

Opening hours

The published opening hours apply in general. Opening hours may vary when the museum stages special events. The museum reserves the right to change the opening hours at any time.

Ticket prices, concessions, adults responsibility

The prices for admission are those displayed at the cash desk. There may be an extra admission charge for special exhibitions. Concessions for schoolchildren, students, the disabled (at least 50% disability) and senior citizens over the age of 65 can only be granted if proof of status is shown. Admission is free for children who have not yet reached their sixth birthday (proof required). Children who have not yet reached their 12th birthday may only visit the museum if accompanied by an adult. In this case adults are responsible for the children in their charge.

Tickets sales

Tickets allow one admission to the museum during normal opening hours and lose their validity when visitors leave the exhibition area. Tickets bought in advance do not entitle the visitor to visit the museum at other times (for example, during special events) or when the maximum permitted number of visitors has been exceeded.

Guided tours

Guided tours may be conducted only by guides provided by the museum. Guided tours are subject to charge and must be booked in advance. They are only permitted during the stated times or if special times are arranged.

Cloakroom, taking personal belongings and animals into the museum

Lockers and a cloakroom are available in which to leave jackets, coats and bags. A deposit must be paid for the use of lockers. Umbrellas must be left in the stands provided in the cloakroom area. Visitors will be required to pay 20 Euros for lost locker keys. For safety reasons sports equipment and large play items must not be taken into the exhibition area. In cases of doubt museum staff may decide whether jackets, coats, bags and other items may be taken into the museum. Animals are not permitted in the museum.

Conduct in the exhibition area

Eating, drinking and smoking are not permitted in the exhibition area. The visitors commit themselves of careful handling the exhibition objects, exhibits or installations. Especially the mindful use of interactive exhibition objects is important. Explicit regulations and information boards shall not be disregarded. Visitors must not enter cordoned-off areas of the exhibition. Theft and wilful or wanton damage to exhibition objects, exhibits and installations will result in criminal prosecution. For safety reasons passageways and exit routes must be kept clear at all times. Parents or other adults accompanying minors (e.g. teacher, tutor) are responsible for minors in their charge throughout their visit.

Photographs and film/Video surveillance

Taking photographs or filming (no tripods) is permitted expressly and exclusively for private purposes. Any photography or filming and/or tape taking for commercial purposes requires the prior approval of the museum management. Video surveillance is due full time during opening hours and operation of the museum.


Visitors visit the museum at their own risk. They are required to exercise special care and attention when entering the venue. Visitors to the museum are liable for any costs or damage incurred through their conduct as required by law. The museum accepts no responsibility for items left in the cloakroom or deposited in the lockers. It accepts no responsibility for damage suffered by visitors during their visit to the museum or for damage incurred while using facilities, exhibition objects, exhibits or installations unless this damage is incurred through wrongful intent or gross negligence on the part of the museum or its agents. Any further liability is expressly excluded unless required by law.

Place of jurisdiction: Berlin, Germany

Museum Management
Berlin, October 2014