Currywurst museum groups

School classes and tour groups are especially welcome at Deutsches Currywurst Museum Berlin. Please consider the following relevant information about group visits:

I) Group size:

The museum has a capacity of maximum 200 people. We suggest a group size of 100 people at one time for a most informative and interactive stay in our museum.

II) Rates and company:

We offer special discounts on the regular ticket price for groups.

In case of a regular group size of over 15 people (e.g. travel groups), one chaperon or bus driver gets free entrance.

On condition of 10 pupils, one teacher as chaperon would get free entrance to the museum. Further chaperons will pay the reduced price for school groups.

Please note that the total price has to be paid in one amount.

III) Guided tours:

Guided tours have to be reserved 2 weeks in advance. We offer guided tours up to 60 people at one time. In this case there will be 3 guided tours in a constellation of 20 people parallel or at staggered intervals.

As an alternative we also offer our museum rally: The rally is a quiz through all parts of the exhibition and is available free of charge at the museum counter. This rally can also be used as a challenge in teams. Afterwards the museums staff will evaluate this entertaining and funny way to impart knowledge.

IV) Snack lounge:

Our snack bar has a capacity up to 30 people, thus we advise a reservation for groups in advance.
Please inform us 3 days ahead your visit about any changes of the number of participants.
We also offer a vegetarian Currywurst, please let us know if there are any vegetarians in your group.

Extra consumption beside the Currywurst options already included in the entrance tickets can be ordered additionally.

Please note that it is not possible to make card payment in our snack bar.

V) Offer & further questions:

If you have any further questions regarding your group visit or if you like to receive an individual offer, please call us on +49 30 88718647 or send us an email. You can also order your group tickets online.