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Byte Aligners Cost? Payment Plan + 4 Ways to Save • 2021

Byte has established itself as one of the top names in DIY at-home clear teeth aligners. In fact, Byte can save you 50% (today’s promo?) compared to in-office visits with an orthodontist. So, exactly how much does Byte cost?

The total cost of Byte depends on these two choices:

  1. All-Day or All-Night plan? The All-Day plan is cheaper because the process takes less time than the nighttime plan
  2. Pay once or monthly payments? A one-time payment costs much less than financing with their bytepay™ payment plan at a 7.76% interest rate

Here’s more about Byte pricing and how to save.

Byte Total Cost in 2021:

byte total cost
  • Byte All-Day System: One payment of $1,895. Or, a $349 down payment + 29 monthly payments of $83 each for a total cost of $2,763
  • Byte At-Night System: One payment of $2,295. Or, finance with a $449 down payment + 29 monthly payments of $99 each for a total cost of $3,336

While Byte costs less than in-person clear aligners like Invisalign, it’s still a big expense. Here are 3 ways to save on the total cost of Byte:

Byte cost per month? If you choose to finance with Byte’s monthly payment plan the All-Day plan costs $83 per month, while the At-Night plan is $99 per month for 29 months.

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4 Ways to Save on Byte:

Follow these steps to get the best possible price on Byte:

  1. Choose the “All Day” Plan: wearing your clear aligners for up to 22 hours per day shortens the process by weeks or months and costs $400 less!
  2. Choose a one-time payment: While financing with the monthly payment plan is convenient, at 7% interest it’s going to cost you a total of about $1000 more after all monthly payments. Pay upfront if you can!
  3. Use a promo code: When you choose to pay upfront you can use a promo code to save up to an extra $100+
  4. Dental Insurance & FSA: Insurance may reimburse up to half the cost of your Byte aligners. Check to see if your insurance company covers Byte


DIY clear aligners like Byte (ByteMe) can save you a lot of money compared to conventional in-person visits with a dentist or orthodontist. However, you’ll still be making a big investment.

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For this reason, follow as many of the steps above as possible to save big on the total cost of Byte.

Tip: If you can pay with one payment, it will save you a bundle. You may even want to borrow the money from a parent or sibling if you can and use that $1000 in better ways than interest!

By the way, Byte has a very good rating with BBB. Thanks for stopping by, and if you sign up for Byte, I hope you get the best price possible!