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heinz ketchup factory assembly

How Heinz Ketchup Is Made (Wow, In a Giant Factory!)

Tomato ketchup is one of the world’s most popular condiments, and it can be found
in many households around the world. We have ketchup with burgers, fries, and just about anything that we can think of to complement our meals.

Heinz is the ketchup market leader in the U.S. and sells over 650 million bottles of ketchup around the world every year. Let’s take a tour of the Heinz European factory in Elst, Netherlands to see how the world-famous condiment is made. read more

mcdonalds ground beef

See How McDonald’s Burgers Are Made! (Factory + Robots!)

Did you ever really think about how McDonald’s burgers are made? I mean, those billions of identical burgers and buns come from millions of tons of ingredients, so there has to be some serious factory food production involved.

Turns out McDonald’s gets their beef patties from several different plants including the largest, Cargill’s Fresno Plant, which churns out 4 million beef patties per day! read more

currywurst fries

Top 3 German Fast Foods

Fast food, the German favorite meal! The combination of fat & carbohydrates not only tastes delicious, at the same time it triggers a real fireworks display in the reward center of the brain. So it’s no wonder that the average German eats burgers, doner kebabs or currywurst & Co. almost every other day. Which dishes have established themselves as the most popular in the land of the bratwurst and which dangers lie in the daily devouring of the gastronomic all-rounders, we clarify here briefly and compactly! read more